Aomori Festivals 2002
Many thanks to Mayor Narita of Goshogawara, Governor Kimura of Aomori,
Mr. Ryoji Matsumiya and his Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki Pottery,
and the people of Goshogowara for their great warmth and hospitality.
"Bon Bon goes to Obon"
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Evening performances
at Kanayama
noborigama in kanayamaTsugaru Kanayama-yaki and kilns

festival and museum

Events at the Tsugaru Kokusetsu Dome

Enjoying life

I was honored with an invitation to be a presenter at the Aomori International Woodfire Festival
held this past August 2002, in Goshogawara Japan. It was a valuable cultural exchange and a time of great sharing with potters from around world. This page has photos made during my participaton in this event. I Invite you to check back occasionally as things get edited, and appended, as I go through the wealth of
imagery I was able to create
in my first visit to Japan.
Please be patient and allow some time for the images to load.
I hope you will enjoy the journey.
I did.

apple trees in aomori

apples, Kanayama


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and artists at work

Exhibition and artists Part II


Bonita Cohn, San Francisco, California, USA.

self portrait at the kanayama kilns

There is more to come in the future...visits to potteries in machiko, shigaraki and kyoto. Email me to be informed of changes to this page. FLAME ON!

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