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Photography by Bonita Cohn

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Hikarigama, Hiroshi Ogawa's "Illuminated Kiln", Elkton, Oregon

Hikarigama, loaded, with cone packs

First fire, Elkton

Fire and smoking dragon, third day, Elkton

Flame from stack, and stars, third night, Elkton

The finshed work, Elkton

Loading in progress, Richard Carter Studio, Napa

Stoking the front, Napa

Firing, day #6, Richard Carter Studio, Napa, California

Earth-Air-Fire-Water, at rest, Grass Valley, California

Earth-Air-Fire-Water, loading in progress, Grass Valley, California

Earth-Air-Fire-Water, the overnight firing begins, Grass Valley, California


Firemouth at cone 10, after 5 hours, side-stoking chamber 1, Grass Valley


"Dragon's tongue", hour 8, chamber 2, Grass Valley

Firing the final chambers, hour 24, Grass Valley

Nolin Babin's anagama in Concow,Ca, side door aglow, and sparks from the front

Self-portrait stoking the front of Nolin Babin's anagama in Concow,

Nolin Babin's anagama in Concow, stoking top and front, 4th day,