Some of my Favorite Ceramic Links
Bonita is a master member of Baulines Craft Guild and ACGA, California Association of Clay and Glass Artists.

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I have work in 2 books in this series: Lark Books 500 cups + 500 Pitchers

Kusakabe Dancing Fire Wood Kiln in Miharu Japan Wikipedia: about anagama kilns
Persephenie Los Angeles has my tea bowls. Auckland Studio Potters
Tozan Cultural Society - The Dragon Kiln Baulines Craft Guild
Caroline Cheng's Pottery Workshops in China Aomori Wood Fire Festival in Japan
Andy Clift's Clay Station The Kamaka Anagama - Video of Stoking a Wood Kiln
Useful Facts about Ceramics / How to Care for Ceramics
e-yakimono Japanese Pottery Website, a great resource
" The Log Book" - Irish publication with links to wood fire sites Vicki Hardin's link directory at, a gateway for ceramic and pottery information. The wood fire links are here.
SideStoke - Australian woodfire site French website featuring American Shinos - with recipes
Sam Hoffman Bonita's Silverhawk Craft Realm Award web page.
John Baymore at River Bend Pottery Silverhawk Craft Realm - Artists from California
Kathleen Hanna curator - Ceramics Today
  Casa Bonita - the fun restaurant in Denver I want to go to someday! ( I saw it on South Park ! )