Saving Zippy,
January 2002

My name is....Bonita-but-you-can-call-me-Bonnie.
Ten Things About Me:


I have been a potter for 34 years.

I have much experience firing anagama kilns.

Please click on the picture.

hikarigama, elkton, oregon



I have an MFA in Photography.

calla leavesI have a lovely garden

Things in the sky amaze me.

aurora borealis

I am excited to be learning web design.


This is my favorite cat.

Kitty Mom

I like the films of David Lynch
Chocolate is my greatest vice.
I enjoy watching tv.
I invite you to read my poem.

..and my resume...

Meet my ML41 Classmates at BAVC

email me: anagama_mama<<at>>

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